The new Multiwheel project from DC Di Candia RuoteThe specialized production of wheels and castors for food industry

What is the multiwheel project ?

The Multiwheel project have been launched on year 2014 from DC Di Candia Ruote, and it is intended to make the choice of the perfect wheel and castor for any sector of the food industry, extremely easy and secure.

In fact, we have developed a wide series of products that have been specifically studied and manufactured to perfectly meet the requirement of the different main industrial sectors, assuring the highest quality and performances in each condition of use, from deep freezing to cooking, from continuous washing to hygienic environments.

With the Multiwheel project the choice of the right castor has never been easier and more accurate, in fact you just choose your sector of activity and recognize immediately the products that have been developed for that type of industry, with no margin of error.

Enter the Multiwheel page, choose your sector, download or print the related brochure and experience the best product for you need.