The DC’s “multi-wheel” logo is warranty of highest care,
first quality in raw materials, strict rules compliance,
continuous improvement in the field of the food industry
castors and production exclusively Made in Italy.

Our Mission

DC Di Candia Ruote is synonymous for innovation
and high-quality in every aspect of castor development.
High quality standards during the study, development
and production techniques during the manufacturing
stage, bring us at the edge for specialized industry sectors.
Every DC Di Candia Ruote castor is certified according
to FDA rules and manufactured and tested according
to EN 12526 - EN 12533 standards.
One of DC’s specialty areas are castors for the food
processing and market.
This area has particularly high demands due to the
particular condition of work.

Main facts

- Quality - Life time - Washability - Easy handling
Raw material used in the production of these castors,
are selected and coming exclusively from Italy, are
resistant to most cleaning agents and disinfectants and
certified for food contact.
Sealed precision ball races and bearings allow regular
cleaning without problems and do not require further
Thanks to the top of the edge technology and perfect
craftsmanship, DC Stainless Steel castors make easy the
work in exceptional operating conditions.
They show no damage, assuring a long service life even
when exposed to chemicals, ice, fluctuating
temperatures, grease, salt or aggressive cleaning agents,
and requires no maintenance.